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Haydell Industries - The leader in nitrogen spray painting solutions

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eSpray Models

painter using spray paint nitrogen technology


Our proprietary third generation technology produces the perfect fluid carrier and controls the static charge, creating an electrostatic attraction between the air/material mixture and the substrate. 

eSpray treats compressed air in three key ways:

  • Removes Oxygen, moisture, and impurities
  • Heats or Cools air for constant temperature
  • Ionizes the air/material mixture creating electrostatic attraction to substrate

eSpray is ideal for light-to-medium industrial and manufacturing applications, manual or robotic spray applications, rectifies high paint consumption & VOC output, and exceeds all your current throughput, repeatability, and quality-of-finish standards.

painter using spray paint nitrogen technology

eSpray Ultra

For medium-to-heavy industrial and manufacturing applications, the eSpray Ultra meets Class 1 / Division 1 compliance standards in an intrinsically safe, explosion-proof configuration. Scalable and customizable to user’s specifications—from set and forget, to job-by-job operator input & control.

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