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Rapid-Cure is a catalytic infrared heater that cures paints and coatings quickly—averaging 10 minutes, and inexpensively—as little as .08 cents per use.

The Rapid-Cure system generates medium wavelength infrared radiation, exciting molecules within the coating, and generating intense heat that evaporates the solvents or water. This flameless catalytic, exothermic process cures paint from 4x upwards of 8x faster than traditional convection heaters.

Rapid-Cure works on any type of coating—solvent or water based, common in the automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial, or architectural industries. Rapid-Cure is flameless—100% safe to use, and fast-heating to 160 deg F in 4 minutes.

Rapid-Cure protects the quality of the finish by minimizing the chance of airborne particles adhering to the uncured surface. Rapid-Cure heats only the coating, not the air, and less air movement and shorter curing times reduce particle debris in the finish, and far less buffing than convection cured panels.

The Rapid-Cure’s electronic temperature sensor monitors the coating, keeping the surface temperature within +3 deg F of selected setting. Rapid-Cure’s sensor never allows the surface to exceed160 deg F, protecting it from damage due to excess heat.

Maintenance free and inexpensive to operate, Rapid-Cure uses 50-60% less energy than convection curing systems, offering 20+ years of low cost operation.

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