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Haydell Industries - the world leader in nitrogen spray painting solution shares testimonies received from its customers.

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eSpray Customers Comment on their Results

"It takes one week out of the month to pay for the system and after that the rest is pure profit."
J.M. Lexus

"We were so pleased with the product we bought the 5 year rental up front."
Rick Case Honda

"Productivity seems to be the biggest advantage. We feel confident we will be able to increase our sales another 15% to 20% by using Nitrogen Technologies."
Hendrick Collision

"It’s the best thing to come my way in 28 years."
Prestigious Auto Body

"It Saves us 30% in most cases on Material..."
Gunslinger Custom Paint

"The quality of the finish with absolutely no added effort was enough to sell me.  We have reduced our need to color sand and polish by 50-70%." 
Rickenbaugh Collision Repair Center

"The Nitrogen Technologies test allowed us to maintain our specified mil thickness while consuming 20% less material."
Fontaine Modification Center

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