Benefits of eSpray

Achieve complete coverage of the substrate in fewer coats

  • Smaller droplets, consistent spray pattern for a reliable application process and an even, uniform coating thickness
  • A five-coat paint/clear finish can be achieved in three or four coats with eSpray.

Greater control over material

  • Painter has more control of material; simplifying the painting process
  • Entry-level painters can achieve satisfactory results
  • Texture can be controlled to meet variations in manufacturers’ finishes for matching factory texture/orange peel

Overspray is virtually eliminated

  • Overspray is cut 50 to 75%
  • Material deposited on substrate, not on floor or in downdraft filters

Reduced material requirements

  • Less material wasted, less material used
  • 20 to 40% material reductions on average

VOCs reductions of 20 to 40%

  • Less material used, less VOCs enter atmosphere
  • Reduces booth maintenance, fewer filtration changes

Corrosion Protection – voids and occlusions are virtually eliminated with eSpray, preventing water, oxygen, and other contaminants from contacting bare metal.

Particle Size – eSpray’s blend of gases produces variable sized gas/paint molecules providing a finer, more uniform surface coating and finish when compared to pure nitrogen systems.

Environmentally Sustainable
eSpray is the most environmentally friendly, and sustainable compressed air spray system available. eSpray reduces VOC emissions and requires less energy than any compressed air spray system. 

Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, are present in all coatings, emissions of which are strictly regulated by the EPA and OSHA. eSpray reduces material use by 20–30% resulting in similar reductions in VOC emissions. 

eSpray improves transfer efficiency of paint/coating onto the substrate, reducing the number of coats to achieve full coverage, by >20%.

Fewer filter change-outs, shoot suits, and tear-away masks requiring disposal. The environmental footprint of your operation is dramatically reduced with eSpray technology.

Increased Productivity = Labor Cost Savings  
eSpray Paint System technology can reduce labor costs by up to 20% by reducing cycle times and increasing booth turns. Greater transfer efficiency leads to more uniform coatings, faster drying, and fewer re-dos.

Haydell eSpray System Compared To Traditional Painting With Compressed Airw